Monday, June 4, 2012

How to Speed Up Hair Growth for Women - 5 Proven Tips

The woman who holds the longest hair in the Guinness Book of World Records is Xie Quiping. Her hair is about 5.6 meters as of May 8, 2004. She has been growing it since 1973. Most women would like to have long (even not as long as Xie Quiping's) but the problem is that hair seems to grow very slowly.
Read on for tips on how to speed up hair growth.
1. Holistic Hair Growth Technique
Hair experts note the importance of proper diet if someone wants to speed up his or her hair growth. Most women believe that vitamins and supplements designed to be applied to the hair are what they only needed but hair experts and scientists say that the nutrients that your body receives also play a great role. They recommend foods that give various B vitamins and protein since hair is made up of amino acids and keratin. Some of the foods that you can regularly take as part of your holistic technique are fish, eggs, dairy products, lean meats and nuts. Protein shakes are also great for both the hair and body.
2. Throw Harsh Hair Products
Now that your body provides enough nutrients and proteins to the hair, you can improve the speed of hair growth by taking care of your hair even more. If you want to know how to speed up hair growth, you should probably know how chemicals in most shampoos and hair care products impede the hair's natural growth. Most hair experts will recommend that you use products that are not harsh to the hair such as organic shampoos and conditioners.
3. Hair Oil Supplements
In addition, hair has natural oil that protects it but daily hair routines disrupt its natural levels. You can use natural oils such as coconut oil, Jojoba oil and olive oil. These oils have properties that make hair grow faster and healthier. In fact, they are commonly used in shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products. They also take care of the balance disrupted by chemicals and dyes that you put on your hair.
4. Massage Your Scalp
Another cause of slower hair growth is that blood does not flow underneath the scalp. You may have come across several hair and scalp massagers but you can also use your fingers. Move your middle and index finger in a circular motion. Try to cover the entire scalp. You can do it for only 10 minutes per day. It would also help if you could throw narrow toothed combs away. The ones with wide teeth are better and can help improve the blood flow.
5. Prenatal Vitamins
Some vitamins are known for this but can also do that. Consider prenatal vitamins. They are recommended to expectant mothers but they can also be used to increase mane growth even if you are not pregnant. It also makes the nails grow faster. The catch? It would also make other mane in your body grow faster. You can enjoy fast growing mane but you will surely need to wax or shave more often.
If you want to know techniques on how to speed up hair growth, consider holistic hair growth, using organic mane care products, supplementing natural mane oil with Jojoba or coconut oil, massaging the scalp and taking prenatal vitamins.
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